Vial Pendant Tutorial

Time for another tutorial! This has been a long awaited tutorial with supplies from Angie, at Thanks for your patience, Angie! And thanks to Dotty from Totally Tutorials for the exchange opportunity!

Strong Glue (I use E6000)
Sealant (I use ModPodge)
Small needle nose pliers
Vial (available at SupplyPusher)
[1] .5 or .75 inch headpin (remove head) or piece of beading wire
[1] seed bead
A .5 x.75 inch image (sticker or I used an image I created on my computer and printed out.)
Chain or Keychain - whatever you want to attach your pendant to

Step 1: Cut out your tiny image (unless you are using a sticker). GraphicsFairy is this AMAZING blog that provides free vintage graphics every single day. I used one of their vintage label graphics and altered it for my image. Set this aside for later use.

Step 2: Cut the round edge off the bottom of the plastic stopper that came with your vial. So now you just have a triangular shaped plastic stopper.
Step 3: Using your pliers, twist the bottom of your headpin into a little spiral and then thread your bead onto the pin.
Step 4: Add glue to the end of your headpin and then stick the headpin through the plastic stopper. The pointy-end of the stopper is going into the vial top. So have your spiral going in the opposite direction of the pointy-end of the stopper.
Step 5: Apply glue to the pointy end of the plastic stopper and then firmly press the stopper into the vial top. So now your headpin, bead, and plastic topper are secured in the vial top.
Step 6: Add a bit of glue to the edge of the vial and firmly press the top on and hold in place for a bit.
Step 7: If you printed an image from your computer, (the one you cut out in the first step), apply your sealant (ModPodge) to the front and back of the image. You could use a sticker or print an image of self adhesive paper. However, it is best to seal the front of the image to protect it even if it is already adhesive. Stick your image on below the hanging bead.
And you're done! Attach your pendant to whatever you like. I chose a gunmetal chain to make this into a necklace for my little sister. (My image says 'Nindo' which means 'way of the ninja' ;) ) She and I have vastly different styles, if you can't tell. I tried to google Anime' phrases because she's into a type of anime'. So 'nindo' is what I found. Hope she likes it! She's been wanting a vial necklace for awhile.


  1. beautiful tutorial!! thank you!!

  2. Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

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