Twitter Findings

Sometimes a little late-night Twitter browsing is required. And occasionally I must read comments about the trending topics aloud to my roommate. It is mediocre entertainment until AHA! We strike gold. Here are my recent findings [unedited]:

-just casual bumping of nasties
-yo breath smell like hotdogwater
-I don't have a girlfriend she jus be stalkn me

Those fell under the #whatwereyouthinking and #whatlies topics. Do i have hotdogwater breath? Apparently it's a possibility. Oh, and there was one more about your feet in some boots in the winter smelling like popcorn. Idk, guys, idk.


  1. hahahaha LOVE. IT!!!

    It reminds me of Texts from Last Night. My favorite one of those EVER was
    "I am waaay too drunk to be making a tuna melt. There's so much blood."

  2. hahaha! i love that there are so many ways to waste time on the internet.


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