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Ok. I've been thinking about my packaging. I generally use lots of bright colors - all vintage and repurposed materials. But now I'm wondering -should I try to keep it consistent? Should I only use yellow and brown to match my business/earring cards? What do you guys think?

Assortment of packages I sent out today.

Business Card. (it doesn't look exactly like this, but you get the idea)

How important is it that you keep your brand consistent (buyer and seller opinions welcome)? Would you rather receive the same packaging every time you ordered from me? I like the idea of keeping it different- so it's like a gift every time you order. Thoughts?


  1. I say color! Because you still have some of your branding there by using the same brown bag/stamp/card every time. But the little changes in fabric/ribbon are fun!

  2. i like all the different colors! and i think the style is consistent enough even though the fabric and ribbon are different. they all still look like you! you're packaging is really great, by the way. packaging is something i struggle with because i always think of it as the stuff people throw away, so i always struggle with what i should do and have these strong environmental reduce waste urges mixed with the desire to give people a pretty product and experience. i like yours because it's simple and pretty and not a lot of fluff and waste. i'm trying to work something out that works for mine (berets are so weird and bulky and the round shape is hard to wrap nicely) that i can do with repurposed/recycled materials or something that someone can use again when they receive it. but i was definitely impressed with yours when i got my necklaces, so i think what you're doing is just right :) (sorry for the extra long reply)

  3. Color! & Use what you have.
    I keep a nice "I use recycled packaging" stamp handy to post on everything I send out - this way I hope customers will understand any wonkiness and inconsistencies.

  4. The stamp is a good idea, tamdoll. I've been writing 'recycled materials' on occasion for that same purpose but it looked so sloppy.


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