My roommate and I moved to a cute little house in a safe neighborhood a few months ago. Let me emphasize SAFE. As opposed to unsafe, which is where we were. Anyway- here's a teeny tiny look at the facelift we're giving the house. Painted my bedroom grey and I'm using lots of accent colors. My favorites are the shades of teal/turquoise. As you can see.

Top of bookcase.
Vintage Avon peacock: $2
Little brass pear catch-all: $.75
Vintage white Tiffany vase (came in a set) $2

I spray painted an ugly thrift store knick knack ($.50) this cool color! And I love it. The books are two vintage classics in amazing shades of green ($1). Tied off with vintage ribbon ($1 for an assortment of ribbon still in original packaging). Frame was cheap white ($1)- painted it a long time ago. (Sponged gold and brown).

Thrifted vase - .35 cents.
Vintage wooden drawer from sewing machine desk - mom thrifted for me awhile back
And I LOVE my Art Mind feeling, Curious. Love, love. Gift from roomie.

Total cost: $7.60


  1. Cuteness! Love that little pagoda thingie that you painted turquoise!!

  2. Aww, she looks beautiful in your new place and being surrounded by so many beautiful things! What a lovely way of displaying all these goodies! Enjoy! :)


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