Listening to...

Antony & The Johnsons.
Album: The Crying Light

This is how one is supposed to experience music. Sometimes music is just for fun and doesn't really do anything for me other than making me jump around while shaking all my parts. Which is fine. BUT. but. but. Other strikes a chord deep within and mesmerizes me. It puts me in an indescribable mood and has me staring into space, just feeling...

I start to feel calm and peace trickle down from my head to soothe my limbs and muscles into stillness. Quiet. Yearning.

His music makes me feel as if there is another way to view the world.


Daylight and The Sun -that's one of my favorites. But if you like that, check out some of his other songs on that album: Dust and Water, Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground, Epilepsy is Dancing, and Kiss My Name.