Creepy McGee #1

Welcome to the first real installment of the new Creepy McGee feature, which I explained in a previous post.

Sunday 11/6/09

Activities: Wake up at 10ish. Homework for 1 hourish. Delicious Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken from Wendy's with boyfriend. Coffee shop. Homework for 3 hours. Oatmeal Bran Muffin. Coke. Pasta. Grilled cheese&mustard. Homemade hot chocolate sticks. Hand-dipped chocolate pretzels. Package an order. Make a necklace. Wash dishes with roommate. Pay cable bill 30 min before it's overdue. Whew.

Not so productive activities: Episode of COPS. Salt and vinegar chips. Try homemade hot chocolate sticks. Eat too many choco pretzels.

End day: 1:00 am

I think my productive activities won out today! And apparently my life revolves around food. No surprise there.

Photo of the day: Me and my boyfriend, Mark
This is the fancy version of us. I just wanted you guys to think we're this snazzy all of the time.

This is the face I get after I take too many pictures. Which is like, two. He's not a fan of taking pics. Anyway, this is us in a more natural state.


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