Tidy Tuesday: Falcon and Finch

Today's Tidy Tuesday is all about organizing your liquids. Wink, wink. Actually, I have been drooling over these glasses since this shop opened and I wanted to share. And they sort of fit the getting tidy theme, right? This shop, Falcon and Finch, is the baby of a good Etsy friend of mine, Lynelle of Bright New Things (her photography shop). Check these shops out! She's great! My favorite thing about Lynelle: her wit. That's what drew me in. And you can experience her wit on a regular basis by following her on Twitter.

Dark blue goblets (Pair) $9.00

Molded smoke brown glasses (6) $28.00 (Yes, if you were wondering, Mom/roommate/boyfriend/random stranger, you may purchase this set for my Christmas gift.)

Star shaped amber glasses (7) $30.00


  1. You, Madame, are the best. Aaaaand, I wrote a companion piece to yours on my bloggy.


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