Halloween: Nuclear Explosion!!!!

Saturday afternoon and a costume party is mere hours away...what to do??!! Ideas went from Cloud 9 to ozone layer, global warming, nuclear fusion and finally, success! - NUCLEAR EXPLOSION - of course! Why didn't we think of that earlier? So, with seconds to spare, my boyfriend and I whipped up these original but not-so-accurate costumes (er, t-shirts).

Me: a neutron
Mark: Uranium 235

I thought we were going to have to paper-rock-scissors for who got to be Uranium - cause obviously that's way cooler than a regular neutron. But I, being the sacrificial and selfless girlfriend that I am (ha! if only), let Mark be the super fly one.

Get it? When we come together ...POW! Nuclear explosion. Except our mushroom clouds look like trees made out of paint and cottonballs. Hehe. It was fun!


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