Tutorial: Necktie Headband

Tutorial time again! Yay! Thanks to Dotty of Totally Tutorials for providing this exchange opportunity. The supplies were generously donated by the very sweet Angie, of SupplyPusher.
I love Angie and her great supplies - go check her out!

She provided a silk necktie, a plastic crystal ball bead, a hot air balloon charm and the challenge to create something out of my normal realm of jewelry-making. What a challenge that was! I ended up making two completely unique, one-of-a-kind headbands.

You will need:
Focal bead/charm
2 teabags

Step 1: Cut the seam of the tie and remove the inner lining.
Step 2:
The inner lining of my tie was a bright white so I tea-dyed it with two bags of Lipton tea. I let it soak for about 3o minutes. I got an off-white color which was perfect.


Step 3: When your inner lining is done dying, take it out and let it dry. I rinsed mine and then dried it in the dryer.

Step 4: Take the skinny end of your tie lining and begin to fold it like an accordion, but keep your folds going in different directions (criss-crossing, instead of up and down like an accordion). Sew the folds together. I have no sewing expertise and this was very easy to do - just up and down a few times with the needle. (And I had to fringe some of the edges a bit more.)

Step 5:
Cut the triangular lining at the end of the tie out. Iron it [or if you live in a house full of girls like me, use your straightener ;) ]. You will want to take this fancy lining and create a flower of some sort, using your bead as the focal point. I just wrapped the fabric around my big crystal bead and then glued the bead in. After I glued the bead to that fabric, I sewed the bead through the fabric and to the base we made earlier out of the dyed lining.

I dressed the lining up by cutting a little strip of the tie to look like a bow and gluing it on the base.

Step 6: Sew the whole thing to a headband. Mine's not very pretty, but it will stay. :)

Voila! Here's my very unique bow-flower-crystal ball- headband. :) Sorry for the frizzy hair and hoodie. Don't worry, I don't go out in public like that.

I also made a small one using the same criss-cross accordion technique. I used a bronze filigree as the base, then the tie and on top of that the lining. Finished it off with the hot-air balloon charm (glued it). I like this one even more! Super cute! I like the haphazard look of the material. I also plan on using this to make an asymmetrical necklace.
P.S. These are very easy to make!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so surprised! You totally rocked that challenge right out of the box!

    A couple of things are blowing my mind:

    #1- You didn't just use the patterned silk, you used the black backing and the LINER too! *jaw drops*

    #2- Tea dyeing!

    #3- Raw edges! I have such a fetish for raw edges.

    You really used your creativity in this project- lots of different techniques and materials. And your headbands are SUPER CUTE! I knew you would do a great job with this set of materials :)

  2. Oh...and I think your frizzy hair is adorable!

  3. Thanks, Angie! Thank you for the challenge and most of all, the encouragement! It was fun to see how many elements I could use.


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