Food Phones

Raise your hand if you need a food phone? I know, me too! I mean, I need it. Not want it, need it.

Problem is - who has a landline these days? And while I would consider talking on a banana cell phone, I'm not sure how professional that would look. Or what my professors/co-workers/classmates/grocery store clerks would think of a banana sticking out of my purse everyday. (And it's sure to get a little dirty...ew...gross). Would I get stopped at the grocery store exit, "Um, ma'm, excuse me, have you paid for that banana yet?"

See? You just stick your cellphone in the hole. Available for flip phones or regular cells. At PerpetualKid.

Other good options...

The hamburger phone, popularized by Juno.

The ever popular tomato phone by HootOwlVintage. Ok, I don't know about ever popular, this is the first time I've been exposed to such tomatoey goodness.

And of course, the french fry phone at Urban Outfitters. Love it.


  1. Is that a banana cell phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


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