Tidy Tuesday

Ok, so I really, REALLY need a desk. I don't have one. Not even an old, broken down one. I've been searching the internet to find the type that I want. And having no luck. I want a vintage metal desk, preferably brightly colored. Anyway, so I found these desks, which are okay. I like the bright colors a lot. And the simplicity.

Red one from Ikea. 199.00
Blue one from Overstock.com. $299.99.

But then, THEN, I found this craft desk on Overstock. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm squealing with excitement (silently of course, because I'm at 'work'). Just look at the storage options. I can totally forgo the vintage aesthetic for this amazing amount of storage space. Everything is literally within arm's reach. Look at the storage underneath the glass! I could potentially see every bead and jewelry finding I own just by looking down. Sigh. Pure bliss.

White one from Overstock. $495.99.

If anyone would like to contribute to the Katie-needs-this-amazing-desk fund, please let me know. ;)


  1. Hello Katie!!!!

    Indeed the white desk from Overstock is amazing. I also make jewelleries and I can totally feel you with the storage problem;-)...I think that the price is a little bit expesive though and think that you can create easily one by yourself if you combine different spare parts. You might like to visit http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/search/label/work%20station to get some ideas!!!!

  2. Thanks, Jo! I agree about the price - I could never justify (or afford) spending that much. I'm off to investigate your DIY link!


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