A Rebuttal

Let me direct your attention to the always interesting blog of my, [ahem], 'sweet' friend, Lynelle, of Bright New Things. Hopefully you clicked on the link to her blog and read her post because otherwise, you may not understand the following post.
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Earlier today I tweeted, "I don't like candy corn. It's official." The blog post you just read was the shady response to my tweet. Notice how Lynelle is too scared to outright name the person (me) she is referring to in her post.

I would like to make one point. I could list all the faults of candy corn - the uninteresting color palette, the fact that sugar - SUGAR- is the number one ingredient, or that they are shaped too much like teeth. I could cite those facts as my reason for not liking the sugary offender. But I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about those facts. I will just say this - I simply don't like the texture. It makes my teeth feel strange. I just can't do it.

So the world knows - I am not scared of Lynelle's Kung Fu Master big eye. K?

Who's with me?! (Now all of the candy corn haters will rise to power as Lynelle shakes in her boots!) This is Lynelle, scared witless of the Candy Corn Demolishers (CCD, for those who didn't know):
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  1. So since you don't like candy corn does that also mean you're allergic to happiness and if you came across a unicorn you would stab it in the heart? I think that's what it means.
    Mmmmmm, sugar candy teeth!

  2. First of all, I don't even own pants that color.

    Second, the fact that they are mostly sugar is what makes them good! Little known fact: the mana that rained down from heaven to feed the lost Israelites - Candy Corn. True!

  3. I'll get on board with this one. I especially hate candy corn that's shaped like other things. Like pumpkins.

  4. bahahaha! Allan - I would NEVER stab a unicorn. Even I wouldn't stoop so low.

    Lynelle - get some turquoise pants. They're all the rage, as evidenced by the photo.

    Lindsay - AGREED! ugh. the pumpkins are the worst.

  5. Personally, I love candy corn, but only Brach's brand...the others are sooooo fake.... :)


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