Featured Seller! Old New Again

You're in for a treat today! My first featured artist ever! Yay! Introducing the handy and creative, Rick, of Old New Again.

Rick was kind enough to answer my entire list of questions without rolling his eyes and looking at his watch. Actually, I don't know that for a fact, but I'm going to assume that the sighing was minimal. ;)

See last week's Tidy Tuesday post for the inspiration for today's feature. I am in love with Old New Again's aesthetic!

--How would you describe your craft?
I love making functional, sturdy and cool home decor items out of wood and other things I find at thrift stores, etc. I use both old and new materials. I try to make things look sort of new AND old. Old, but fresh. I try to come up with ideas that I haven't seen done before.

--What does your creative process entail?
I have a work room in our basement. I've started to take over the garage a bit. Normally I cut, sand, distress, stain, paint, sometimes sand again, then I put everything together. The last step is normally a layer of wax (buffed). Rick says the most rewarding part of the process is "the end result. It's always exciting to finish something and see how it looks and works in a room. I like practical things that look great. I want my customers to really love what they get."

--How long have you been creating and selling?
I've been working with wood for about 5 years. I've sold my stuff in local shops and also a few shows. My wife's been a big help with ideas and getting me going. She's an artist and also has an etsy shop (www.primoriginals.etsy.com). {Side note from Lemon Jitters: You MUST check her shop out - it is fantastic!!}. So she's been a big help in the business side of things and setting up my etsy shop.

--If Rick could be any animal, he'd be a chipmunk. "I'd ask the chipmunk that lives under our house how we can get him to move elsewhere. He's freaking our dog out."

--Rick's picks:
fries or onion rings? FRIES
snow or sun? SUN
button or snap? BUTTON
ant or grasshopper? ANT
body wash or bar soap? BAR SOAP (I make soap)
M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms
book or movie? BOOK
Twitter or Facebook? NEITHER


  1. Great reporting, LJ, love the combo of serious and fun questions!

  2. Thanks, Lynelle! P.S. My roomie took the candy corn attack personally - we now have a battle in our house.

  3. Lol, is she for it or against it? I didn't mean to start a war, just a little playful ribbing! But if she's for candy corn, I calim her as a minion. Mwahahahaha!

  4. She's for it and so are my other roommates! That 3 against 1! Aaaah! You have so many minions and I may have to bow down in defeat.

    Thanks for the compliment, I've been working hard for a couple of days to get everything right. I hope it only gets better.


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