Back-to-School Party!

My roommate and I were sitting around talking about throwing a back-to-school party (themed, of course) and we came up with a brilliant idea! At least, we think it's brilliant. We plan on making this party happen at some point. After our house is clean, dishwasher is repaired, etc etc. Okay, it may never happen, but I hope it does!

Are you ready to hear the theme?? Ta-da! A spelling bee! Yes, you heard right! A spelling bee for our college friends. Done the correct way of course, with an official list of words, parts of speech, origin, definition, and use in a sentence. And an emcee. And a 'stage'. Oh, and prizes! Got to have those. So, here are my Etsy must-haves for a back-to-school spelling bee party.

1. Cupfake (Gold) by paperlibrarian (for our first place prize, obviously. P.S. I love this idea!)
2. Award Ribbons by Cosmocraze (for the runner-ups)
3. Alphabet Letter Lollipops by SweetLollipopShop (party favors. and amazing ones at that)
3. Bumble Bee Sticker/Buttons by gigart (for each contestant)
4. 1940 Webster's Dictionary by lisabretrostyle (okay, so maybe 1940 isn't exactly current, but it's so pretty!)
5. Bunting Decoration by paperfish (gotta brighten up the mock stage)


  1. Coolio!! send me an invite, i'm hot at spelling! x

  2. haha, of course, That Crafty Fish! You can have a bumble bee nametag! Yaaay. :)

  3. What a fun and creative party theme! Thanks so much for including my little dictionary:) If I were coming to your party I would really need to put a study on that book;)

  4. I love this idea!!! I loved being in the spelling back in the day {nerd alert!}!!!

    It should be a back to school/birthday party my dear!

  5. Lisa, I really think all dictionary's should be as stylish as yours.

    Yes! A birthday party! For me! Great idea...I should make that happen. I'll just plan my own spelling bee/back to school/birthday party. ;)


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