Tutorial: Industrial Rope Earrings

Another tutorial! Yay!
Industrial Rope Earrings. Not a girly girl? Want something casual to match everything? This is for you! And so easy to do :)

Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Liver of sulfer (or any other oxidizing agent)
2 headpins
2 earwires
10 copper connectors from Black Sheep Beads (thank you!)

Step 1:
Oxidize the copper connectors to your desired shade.

Step 2:
Take the connecting links out of the coiled center piece.

Step 3:
Carefully uncoil the center piece. Maintain as much original spiral as possible (but stretched out), but you can always gently curl it after you uncoiled the whole thing.

Step 4:
Gently twist the entire spiral into itself, in a circular shape. Don't be exact - let it go where it may. You need to do all 10 connectors, 5 for each earring.

Step 5:
Thread your twisted circles on a headpin. Make sure you go through each piece twice (like you would a broach pin). 5 pieces per headpin. Make sure the first one you thread is pretty tight at the bottom, so it will not slide off the headpin. After you get all 5 on, squish them together and make an eye loop at the top.

Step 6:
Attach your headpin loop to your earwire. Voila!

Thanks to Dotty of Totally Tutorials for this exchange opportunity. And to Black Sheep Beads for donating supplies!

[Unfortunately the earrings blend in a little too much with my curls :) ]


  1. How clever you are! Love them!

  2. Love it! This would be a great use for scrap metal wire. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you!! And yes, Lisa - great idea. I'm all about keeping bits of any and everything. Never know when they'll those scraps will be dangling from your ears. :)

  4. What a wonderfully creative idea! Love them! :)


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