Tutorial: Dramatic Necklace!

First, I have a few points to make.
1. Please don't judge me by these photos. I just had my boyfriend snap a few so you could see what the necklace looks like on. :)
2. I can only make ridiculous faces. On purpose or not. That's why I am not a model. Among many other reasons.
3. I need your feedback! In the photos on the left and right, you see the necklace has chains and beads dangling. I absolutely cannot decide how I like the necklace better. I'm almost leaning towards the simple look, (the middle photo) without the tassel and beads. What do you think?

Now we can begin. :)
(1) 44 mm filigree
(1) 40 mm Vintaj brass multi-tiered donut from Treasures by Karen. P.S. Karen is a lovely person and a great seller!
(4) Navette style beads/stones/cabs (I used fantastic blue vintage glass jewels)
(1) Chain (I used 21 in of hand-oxidized brass chain)
Jump rings
(3) glass beads (I used gray and white glass beads from Treasures by Karen)
(3) Pieces of short chain, any length you want (to be a tassel)

Adhesive (I used E6000 for this, but Amazing Goop is great too)
Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers

Let me apologize in advance for the odd assortment of photos. It took me soo long to decide how I wanted to do this. I went through several options, thus my photos aren't quite in order.

Step 1: Attach your Vintaj donut to the filigree with adhesive FIRST. I found this out the hard way. It is best to do that first and let it sit for a while and dry. Then...

Step 2: Now you can attach your navette stones to either side of the filigree with jumprings. I spaced the navettes out on the filigree and then used one jumpring to bring them together on the chain.

Step 3: (Optional) Using headpins, attach your three beads to 3 different length chains. Then secure the chain to the bottom of your filigree with a jumpring.

That's it! Easy, breezy, beautiful...

*Keep in mind that in the photos of me wearing the necklace, I adjusted it to fit like a choker. The actual chain is much longer and the focal pendant would sit just above the neckline, if I let the chain out completely. However, the navettes sit in place best when worn as a choker. If you have a soldering iron, that would be the best way to attach the navettes to the chain so they remain completely still when worn. I'm just not that far in my jewelry-making skills yet. *

Tell me which way you like the necklace - tassel or no tassel?

Shout out to: Karen, of Treasures by Karen, for the lovely focal piece and the glass beads. And to Dotty of Totally Tutorials for providing the exchange opportunity. This will be in shop, Lemon Jitters, soon!


  1. I prefer the choker look w/o the tassel. It calls attention to your lovely collar bones.
    I love this necklace! You have married the donut and filigree beautifully. Great tutorial. I am linking to this page from my shop.


  2. Beautiful! Great tutorial.


  3. Thanks Karen and Dana! I appreciate the feedback.

  4. That is so gorgeous! i love it, i like it both ways, i'd say the one with the tassel looks more fun, but i love it both ways! :)

    Great tutorial!

  5. Count me in on the "no tassle" team. The necklace itself is sooo pretty (as are you). Simplicity is often most dramatic. Niiiiiiice necklace!!

  6. Thanks! I love how everyone has a different opinion on the tassel dilemma.

    Tassel: 2
    No Tassel: 2

    Hmm...we need a tiebreaker! Someone else needs to weigh in!

    And thank you, Thunder-Moon! I keep kicking myself for not doing my makeup or hair before taking those...haha. But everyone has been so nice!

  7. That's you without hair or makeup? Dude, if that was my no-makeup look, I might never wear it!! :D

    I'd volunteer to be tie-breaker, but I like it both ways! I can't decide... so now it's 3-3?


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