Tutorial: Diamond in the Rough Necklace

Whew! Life has been busy but I finally finished this tutorial. And I like the result! Lately I've been experimenting with juxtaposing unlikely materials. And that experimentation creeped into this project as well. The end result is a marriage of dark, coppery hardware-esque pieces and a sparkly, vintage glass jewel.
Here we go! Supplies/Tools:
Chain nose pliers  1 pendant/sparkly jewel (from Weekend Jewelry1 - she has fabulous jewels)  18 inches of chain (from WeekendJewelry1)  8 small jump rings  4 medium jump rings 1 big jump ring or ring of some sort 2 really awesome connectors (also from WeekendJewelry1) 1 connector of your choice (or a jumpring)  1 clasp  Steps 1 & 2: Using the small jumprings, attach medium jumprings to each end of chain. Slide the connectors on and clamp down with your pliers. This secures the connector to the jumpring. Do the same for the other end of the connector. You should now have jumprings on either end of the connector. 
Steps 3, 4, & 5 Using small jumprings again, connect the medium jumpring/connector pieces to whatever fancy connector you are using. Attach the fancy connector to a large jumpring or ring. Attach your fancy jewel to the large ring using a small jumpring. *At this point, I flattened the long connectors from WeekendJewelry1 using my pliers. I like the look a lot better!
Step 6: Attach your clasp with a jumpring and whatever you want to finish your necklace with. I just used another jumpring. *Tip - to get your pendant to lat flatter, without twisting so much, use two jumprings when you attach it to the large ring. Voila!
 Thanks to Dotty of Totally Tutorials for another great exchange opportunity! And thanks to Jen of WeekendJewelry1 for the wonderful supplies!!


  1. Great tutorial!!
    And gorgeous necklace!

  2. I love it - simple and sparkly!!!

    I can't wait to see your tag post!

  3. You've done it again! Gorgeous!


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