Snack Posers

POSERS. Yes, that is what they are. Do not let your thrifty parents con you into thinking off-brand snacks are okay. Let's be honest, when it comes to snacks, the extra 50cents-1 dollar for the name brand is often worth it. Have grown up in a penny-pinching family myself, I can give you the low down on which brands will make you do the happy dance in your panties. And which ones will make you discreetly spit into your napkin. Please, let me save you from having to throw away a two-month old package of snacks that your family will never touch.

Culprit #1. Oreos vs Twist & Shout.
Ooookay, is there really any question in your mind? Maybe you have fond childhood memories of mom saying, "Now, Katie, there really is no difference. It's all in your mind." Let. Them. Go. Let those memories go. Don't let your past determine your future, k?

Culprit #2. Doritos vs. "Nacho Tortilla" chips or an equivalent variation
Again, I really don't have much to say here. Doritos have waaay more cheese than the off-brand. Tons of flavor. A burst of flavor in your mouth, if you will. Doritos will make you WANT to eat a healthy sandwich instead of a McDonald's kids meal. Nacho Tortillas, on the other hand, will have you grabbing your keys and driving to the nearest fast food stop before you know it! Bland. And blah. That's all I have to say about that.

Culprit #3. The ultimate Orville Redenbacher's vs. the average Pop-Secret.
Ok, don't let the packaging fool you on this on. Most microwave popcorn is the same. You can generally find whatever taste you are looking for despite the brand. (Nutrition may be a different story, I wouldn't know, as I eat too much junk food). Now, don't leave heated comments about this one. I know it is a touchy subject, the timeless popcorn debate.

Culprit #4. This is really the reason I wrote this post: Pop-Tart vs Generic toaster pastries
Ok, let me be the first to say - I would question the following post had I not experienced this first hand. This week, I decided to experiment with an off brand frosted, blueberry toaster pastry. I reasoned, if it is good, I will save hundreds of dollars throughout the course of my life, right? (I eat a lot of Pop-Tarts). GUESS WHAT? It passed the test. My roommate and I tried it at the same time and had similar observations.
Let me preface this by saying, I can only speak of the blueberry. I really don't think strawberry would work as well (but leave a comment if you know otherwise). Anway, the frosting is a bit different, there are a ton more sprinkles, and a lot more crust than the brand name. All things I like. I don't want too much jelly filling. I like lots of crust. And I like sprinkles. Who doesn't? All in all, a very happy day, indeed!


  1. Love these product reviews. Very important information.
    Thank you for testing them all!

  2. I agree about the oreos! Nothing but the real thing, baby.

  3. haha, Karen. I will gladly test any junk food that needs a review! :) Thanks for the comments!

    Kristi- I couldn't agree more!!

  4. the dollar general brand of extra butter popcorn has become our go-to money saver. highly recommended.

  5. I really think the same company makes half of the popcorn - a lot of times, even when the box is different (diff brand), the actual popcorn package is the same as a generic brand! I should research this...

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