Tweetin' Pretty

Hey guys! In the past, I've made my own Twitter background using a design program. However, I am NOT a graphic designer. My backgrounds were passable, but not great. Today I found a couple of awesome sites to help with my problem. I thought I would share!

^^My background from BG Patterns: Twitter/LemonJitters

#1. Squidfingers - this site is great if you're just looking for an eye-catching pattern. They are premade and ready to download.

#2. BGPatterns- this site has customizable backgrounds. You pick images, colors, opacity, etc. It is super easy to use. Perfect if you need certain colors.

1. Once you pick the design you want, you need to download it to your computer.
1a. For a Squidfingers design, you need to unzip the file that you downloaded.
2. Go to 'Settings' on your Twitter page.
3. Go to the 'Design' tab
4. Click the 'Browse' button and search your computer for the file you downloaded earlier. If you unzipped a Squidfingers file, choose the file that ends in '.gif'
5. Make sure you check the 'Tile Background' button.
6. Click 'Save Changes'
7. Voila! You are tweetin' pretty! :)

These images will work or a blog as well, but I will save that for a future post.